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Dagger Agent 6.2 Kayak

Dagger Agent 6.2 Kayak

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So there you are, standin' on the bank of the river, starin' at the wave you're about to surf, thinkin' about the moves you're gonna make. The cut-backs, the spins, the loops, and righteously...the huge air? Then you happen to glance at your Dagger Agent, sittin there next to you, and eerily enough  you get a sense that your boat is thinkin' the same thoughts.  That somehow,  your Agent has become more than just a plastic shell. Nah!  C'mon, snap out of it!   It's just a boat! Then you go back to lookin' at the wave. Totally mesmerized!!!  And still you can't help but  feelin' that your Agent next to you gettin' all "agro" about  takin' you for the best ride of your life on that wave.  That it wants to defy the laws of gravity just the same as you and show you off in your very best playboatin' style. That its' sole purpose is to help you attain the ultimate haiku of Zen kayaking...that the water, the boat and you will become one. Then you snap out of it , and realize that "boats can't think".  C'mon they're inanimate.  Really!!!  Look at that wave again...then look your Agent....then back at the wave...then..... Meet your new best friend,  the Dagger Agent!  More than just a kayak in so many ways! Oh, if only boats could talk!!! 

Length: 6'2" | Width: 24.5"
Weight: 30.5 lbs. | Volume: 50gal.
Paddler weight range: 125-190 lbs.

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