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Tubbs Flex RDG 24 Snowshoes

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Detailed Description

Tubbs Flex RDG 24 Snowshoes:

Designed to hike happy through changing terrain, the FLEX RDG men's snowshoe features an easy-to-use Tubbs CustomWrap binding with a Boa closure system designed for on-the-fly adjustments. The FLEX RDG is the only Tubbs Day Hiking showshoe that incorporates the heel strap right into the binding's construction to unlock exceptional, full-foot precision with the simple twist of a dial. 


  • Torsion Deck
  • Flex Trail
  • Rotating Toe Cord
  • CustomWrap Binding
  • Traction Rails
  • Sizes: 24
  • Frame: Flex Deck
  • Decking: FLEX Tail, Torsion Deck
  • Articulation: R1.5 Rotating Toe Cord
  • Control: CustomWrap Binding
  • Traction: Traction Rails, Tubbs Toe Crampon
  • Heel Lift: Yes
  • Uses Boa: Yes


  • Rotating Toe Cord - Rotation Limiter: Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7%. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted. A rotation limiter prevents over-rotation and skin bang
  • CustomWrap Binding: Featuring the Boa Closure System, the innovative and quick-to-secure CustomWrap binding provides optimal fit, comfort, and ease of use that encompasses your foot with the twist of a dial
  • Traction Rails: Carbon steel toe crampon, ergonomically placed under foot, maximizes weighted traction and responsiveness while 3D curved Traction Rails ensure superior side-hill grip in hard or icy conditions. Progressive molded Snow Brakes, on the deck as well as the Soft Strike zone, improve weighted traction
  • FLEX Tail: The ergonomically and biomechanically designed FLEX Tail absorbs shock from heel strike, reducing the amount of stress on your joints and allowing you to snowshoe farther, longer, and with less stress on your body
  • Torsion Deck: Tubbs' advanced Torsion Deck design adapts to variable snow conditions underfoot. The decks allow torsional articulation throughout the body of the snowshoe, enhancing traction, biomechanics and comfort on uneven terrain
  • Active Lift 16°: ActiveLift 16° heel lift reduces calf fatigue and Achilles tendon strain on steep ascents 

Size Chart:

  • Size: 24
  • Dimension: 8" x 24"
  • Weight/Pair: 3.9 lbs
  • Optimal Load*: Up to 190 lbs
  • Surface Area: 165 in²

*Optimal Load refers to the total weight of the user plus anything they are carrying, such as pack, equipment, etc. Recommended loads are based on light, dry snow conditions. Powder snow may require a larger snowshoe.

Technical Specs