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About Snowboard Bags

Snowboard Bags are essential for traveling with your snowboard gear whether that's on an airplane or in the back of a pick up truck. Protect all of your snowboard gear in a travel bag so it doesn't get banged up on the way to the mountains. Some things you should consider when purchasing a snowboard bag are:


If your snowboard bag doesn't have padding, the bag (and your gear) won't make it through many trips through baggage claim. The metal edges may tear through as it gets tossed around. If you're going to be doing a lot of air travel, consider something with a little more padding to protect the edges from getting beat up.


If you're just looking to protect your edges while traveling, then a compact snowboard bag may be fine. However, if you'd prefer to only take one piece of luggage with you on you trip consider getting a larger bag. Most large bags can fit all of your snowboard gear, and then some if you want to fit regular travel items in there as well.


Wheels can be found on the upper end of snowboard bags and are designed for the person who's constantly chasing the powder from coast to coast. They make lugging your board gear from one end of the airport to the next so much easier so you don't have to carry your board bag on your shoulder.