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Cool ways To Stay Warm On Your Trip

Traveling during colder weather doesn’t have to mean lugging around bulky items in your bag. It also doesn’t have to mean being stuck indoors or sacrificing style for warmth. With quality, conversation-starting baselayers, jackets and skirts (yes, winter-appropriate skirts!) like these pieces from Alp-N-Rock, you’ll actually be praying for the thermometer to drop. The best part about sporting these looks? They’re so unique you don’t have to worry about running into a “Who wore it better?” situation.

Behind every happy (and hip) skier is a great henley. We’re partial to this Vintage Ski Henley for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s more of a head-turner than a run-of-the-mill staple. The attention to design is in the details like a color-blocked back panel, contrasting red, gray and white stitching and Alp-N-Rock’s signature patches and embroidery. This warm top features snowflakes on the sleeves, and on the back, a pair of skis hinting at what the shirt is designed for. Of course, with its unique, flattering neckline it’s stylish enough to be sported at social occasions too.

Why Alp-N-Rock Started...

I was on a trip to Thailand; a two week around-the-world business trip from Austin, Texas – where I lived in a confortable home that I had just purchased, a reward for my many years of working long hours.  I jumped into the air-conditioned limousine and set off for the short, but traffic-congested trip to the ultra-luxe hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in downtown Bangkok.  Although only 19 miles, it would take at least one and a half hours to reach my quiet, luxurious hotel room with cozy white robes and slippers and a bed swathed in luxurious linens, washed to a buttery smooth softness.

I rested my head back on the white cotton covered seats of the limousine and closed my eyes.  I was tired as this was my fourth city on an around-the-world tour.  Already I had visited Tokyo, Kula Lumpur and Singapore – after Thailand, I was heading to Cairo, Kuwait and stopping in Zurich before heading back home.  I was thinking that my schedule was tough, that I was getting tired and that I needed to take a break when I got home.  I had been burning the candle on both ends for six years and I wanted to take a break from the constant travel, time changes and long hours sitting in planes in business class.

The limo had come to a complete stop and the soft whir of the air-conditioning was lulling me into a peaceful bliss. Then I opened my eyes and looked out the window. We had stopped on the freeway, a congested collection of vehicles  We were amidst a sea of brightly colored vans and tuk-tuks, open mini taxis with locals piled in, trucks of varying vintages spewing exhaust, loaded with open boxes of fruit and chickens.  Motorcycles, some carrying an entire family of four, were swerving in and out at dangerous speeds.

I lazily looked out the side window and noticed for the first time that we were passing a slum town built up alongside the roadway and partially covered by an overpass.  I had never noticed that people lived here before.  People lived here … it hit me PEOPLE lived HERE – along this noisy, congested road, breathing in this toxic air.  I blinked and took a closer look and then it happened.

Maybe three feet away from me on the other side of the barrier dividing the makeshift homes from the road, stood a young woman.  I was looking at her and she was looking at me.  We were looking into each other’s eyes – almost able to reach and touch each other but worlds apart – worlds apart – yet the same.

I realized in that instant that I could be her and she could be me – the only difference between us was that I was born in the affluent west and she has been born here, poor and uneducated under a bridge in Bangkok.  I realized that, but for the grace of God, I was in the safe confines of my car and she was out there in the streets, poor and penniless.

She saw me looking at her and smiled and raised a hand to wave hi.  I smiled and raised my hand as well and put it against the smooth surface of the window.  Somehow we were both caught in this moment of stillness.  There was sadness behind her eyes and I shifted my gaze to take in the rest of her.  She wore a small threadbare, pink t-shirt and a striped fabric was wrapped around her waist as a skirt, her feet we bare.  Her feet were bare – I kept looking at her bare feet – no shoes.  Then I looked at her surroundings, she was standing in front of her house, a ragged collection of discarded wood, plastic tarps and jagged corrugated panels – it was dirty.  It was more than dirty, it was filthy.  At her feet a small child lay sleeping on a piece of cardboard – a child.   Sleeping on a piece of cardboard.

I could not breath,  I could not think, I wanted to cry – I wanted to open the car door and ask them inside but I didn’t.  I sat there looking, looking and realized for the first time that the world was not a beautiful and safe place after all and that there was huge injustice and a disproportionate amount of people living desperate lives of poverty.  Somehow I felt horrified with myself, sitting there in the security of the cool, clean air of the limousine while she stood by the railing, her child asleep in the toxic air by her feet.  I think she saw my moment of realization and smiled a sad smile and raised her hand again; a soft benediction. This time as I raised mine, it was to honor her and to promise that she would not go unnoticed and that I would do something in my life, something with my life to make a difference for girls like her.

The car then sped up and soon I was whisked away from the girl by the road and into a whirlwind of meetings, dinners and multi-million dollar business deals with the titans of greed, of which I sadly had to acknowledge, I was one of.

Then one day … I was sitting on another plane, heading to Switzerland for a hiking vacation.  I was leafing through Newsweek and came across an article about businessman John Wood, formerly of Microsoft, who had just launched a non-profit called Room to Read.  I was immediately drawn in by the picture of John surrounded by children in a small village in Nepal, handing out books.  I went on to read about his goal to change the lives of one million children through his non-profit called Room to Read.  He was building libraries and providing an education to the poorest of the poor in Nepal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.  My thoughts immediately went back to the girl in Bangkok and I thought what could she have become if she had an education; if she had the opportunity to move beyond her circumstances.  That, I realized, was the key differentiator between her and I.  Not only that I was born into a luckier place on earth, but also that I had an education, which gave me knowledge, gave me freedom to make choices, to make a living and to make a difference.  I decided then and there that I would contact John Wood and I would donate and raise funds for the girls’ education program.  I was determined to send 1,000 girls to school.

I started Alp-n-Rock as a vehicle to send girls to school and to create lasting change through the gift of an education.  I strive everyday to create timeless clothing, made with love and attention to detail from the finest fabrics, that provide joy for those who purchase them and provide funds for the girls’ scholarship program through Room to Read.  To date we have sent over 195 girls to school, however we still have a long way to go to reach the initial 1,000 that I committed to.

I consider it an honor and a duty to fulfill that goal and am ever thankful for the day my path crossed, and my eyes locked with that young woman in the Thailand slums.


We donate up to 10% of net profits to fund girls’ scholarships in developing countries providing them with the lifelong gift of an education.  After all the years of being fortunate to live in wealthy countries and sample the finest the world has to offer; for me, the greatest luxury is the ability to give back.

Story of ALP n ROCK

On a summer afternoon in Zermatt, Switzerland, Susanne Reich was making her way down a steep hillside after her morning hike. Her two daughters were in tow, laughing behind her as they pulled up wildflowers and ran about in sheer delight. She stopped to take in the scene, recognizing that she was in a place unlike any other. The mountains have a power of their own, capable of inspiring and cultivating creativity – and so the idea of Alp-n-Rock was born. It put down its roots in the green, undeniable summertime glow of the European hillsides, alive and moving with its rustling grasses, chirping crickets, and babbling streams.

There was no doubting that Alp-n-Rock would become something wonderful, as it was born from a feeling of freedom and pure joy. So, the journey began, first with a woman who rolled up her sleeves, drew up four sketches, cleared out her garage, and got to work. Over the years, drive and determination coupled with a unique vision and dedication to the highest quality product. Alp-n-Rock continues to grow each year, constantly creating innovative clothing that combines fashion with functionality and the signature eye for detail that defines each of our pieces. From beautiful outerwear and intricately embroidered long-sleeves, to a yoga collection and ready to wear spring line, there isn’t a thing Alp-n-Rock can’t do.

That’s what makes us special. Alp-n-Rock is a family, both as a working team and as a collective group of customers.

We love and value the community of people who buy from us more than anything. You motivate us to create, as we observe your love for the outdoors, your adventurous spirits, and your choice to support a company that is doing good things for the world. Alp-n-Rock’s ethos is that the greatest luxury is the ability to give back. We donate up to 10% of profits to the Room to Read foundation, sending girls in developing countries to school, proudly providing the lifelong gift of education.

From the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the snowy slopes of Aspen and everywhere in between, Alp-n-Rock is inspired by the most beautiful thing of all – the world around us. Everyday our mission is to create garments that raise the bar, and the thread that holds it all together is the choice we’ll make countless times – to never settle for anything less than the best. Made for you: our movement loving, exploration seeking, loyal customers around the globe. By believing in us, you’ve allowed us to create a company that is truly authentic, and we look forward to the journey ahead. Because of you, Alp-n-Rock continues to write its story – so thank you for being a part of it.