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Guide to Choosing an Anon Goggle

That lens you started with when it was sunny can quickly leave you in the dark when the clouds roll in. Having an extra lens handy, and being able to change it quickly, will mean the difference between a great day and going home. Anon has you covered in any condition with a full spectrum of spare lens tints, and many Anon goggles come with a bonus spare lens included with purchase. And if you choose a goggle featuring the Magna-Tech® magnetic lens change system—you’ll have that lens swapped out in seconds.

Anon’s state-of-the-art lens technology goes beyond just tints and mirrored finishes. Superior clarity also comes in the form of SONAR lens technology by ZEISS which we developed exclusively for snow sports to enhance contrast and clarity for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. Lens shape is also a factor, with three different lens shapes available across the line. Combine all of that with industry-leading anti-fog and venting technology and Anon lenses maximize clarity across all conditions.

Lens Tints:
Anon offers a wide range of spare lenses with condition-specific tints so you can customize the performance of your goggles. The more time you spend on the mountain, the more you’ll realize you can never have too many lens tints in your quiver.

Choosing the lens tints that are best for you is made easy by referencing the Visible Light Transmission percentage [VLT %] included next to each tint’s colorway name. The lower the percentage, the darker the lens and the better it is for the brightest conditions. On the flipside, the higher the percentage, the lighter the lens and the better it is for cloudier, stormier days.

Here is a breakdown of the best lenses for each condition, based on the recommendations of our product development team:

Sunny/Bright Light Conditions:

SONAR Silver [S4; 6% VLT]: This is the darkest Anon lens, however SONAR Smoke [S4; 7% VLT] is our most popular bluebird lens. Also check out SONAR Red [S3; 14% VLT].

Variable Conditions:

SONAR Bronze [S2; 19% VLT]: Features a versatile ember base tint and bronze mirror coating. Other options include SONAR IR Blue [S2; 39% VLT], SONAR Pink [S2; 39% VLT], and SONAR Green [S2; 23% VLT].

Low Light/Snowy Conditions:
SONAR Infrared [S1; 57% VLT]: Features an ember flame base tint and infrared mirror coating for stormy, low-light days. Also check out SONAR Blue [S1; 46% VLT].

Nighttime/Artificial Light Conditions:
SONAR Night [S1; 77% VLT]: Designed specifically for high visibility at night under artificial ski area lighting.

Overall Most Versatile:
SONAR Green [S2; 23% VLT]: Anon’s most popular do-it-all lens features a versatile ember base tint and green mirror coating.

Lens Shapes:
Lens shape is another factor to consider when choosing your Anon goggles. Many of our team riders swear by the classic look of a cylindrical lens, which you’ll find on models like the Anon M3 and women’s Anon Deringer goggle. Others prefer a spherical lens as seen on models like the women’s Anon WM1 goggle and Anon M2 goggle. Still can’t decide? The new Anon M4 offers the unprecedented ability to switch between cylindrical and toric lenses so you can get the best of both worlds.

Here is a look at the benefits of each lens shape:

Anon Cylindrical Goggle Lens Technology:
A cylindrical lens construction means that the lens is curved on the horizontal plane and flat on the vertical plane for a very low-profile and clean aesthetic. The lens also tapers to a thinner profile at the edges for reduced peripheral distortion. This optimizes clarity throughout your field of vision so you can see more of what the mountain is telling you.

Anon Toric Goggle Lens Technology:
A toric lens construction features a unique shape that curves horizontally as well as vertically, but the vertical curve is flatter and the horizontal curve tighter. This shape mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics while also providing enhanced peripheral vision and maximizing the possible vent volume in the goggle for fog-free performance.

Anon Spherical Goggle Lens Technology:
A spherical lens construction means is that the lens is curved equally horizontally and vertically to mimic the curvature of the human eye. This design reduces eye fatigue while maximizes optical clarity.

Anon Zeiss Sonar Lens

New Sonar Lens by ZEISS.  Exclusively developed for snow sports, Anon’s Sonar lens by ZEISS enhances contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. 

Anon Magna-Tech Quick-Lens Change Technology

Anon’s patented, Magna-Tech® technology is the industry leader in quick lens change technology. Using rare earth magnets and up to eight points of connection, Magna-Tech provides riders with a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention. Effortless, self-aligning lens changes make Magna-Tech the pinnacle in high-speed change-outs and style.

Anon MFI Tech

Anon’s proprietary MFI® Technology [Magnetic Facemask Integration] is the perfect solution for protecting your face, and simplifying your kit. The four magnetic connection points make sealing your MFI® facemask to your goggle a snap, and provides long-lasting connection without disrupting your goggle’s performance on-hill. The reinforced perforated O2 vents keep you fully covered and fog-free making sure you never sacrifice clarity for comfort.

Anon Fidlock's Snap Helmet Buckle

Anon has partnered with Fidlock®, the award-winning designer of a new breed of ultra-fast and -secure fasteners. Fidlock’s magnetic SNAP helmet buckle lets you open it with one hand, even if you’re wearing gloves—and closing it is just as easy, which means you can spend less time fiddling with your gear, and more time focusing on your riding. Featured On: Endure, Thompson, Nelson, Helo 2.0, Rodan, Talan, Keira, Galena, Griffon, Wren, Define, Burner, Scout, Rime

MIPS Tech - Multi-directional Impact Protection System

MIPS is a revolutionary technology that mimics the brain’s own protection system. The MIPS low friction layer lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts. Very simple and very effective.