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Inside Atomic Skis

Servotec is our radical innovation for racing and high-performance piste skiing. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s what it is – the first power steering for skis! The secret is the Servotec rod on the top of the ski and the elastomer just under the binding: 

We use high-density sintered bases that are fast on any snow, can stand up to anything, and are easy to maintain.

Our edges are made from steel five times more wear resistant than standard steel, for strength and perfect grip.

Our top sheets are lightweight and highly resistant – with different structures and finishes to suit different terrains.

The rod is under tension, meaning the elastomer connected to it is compressed. The whole ski is therefore in a pre-stressed position – essentially ready to turn. As the ski bends into a turn, the compression in the elastomer is relaxed. It rebounds out like a spring, pulling the rod with it and actively supporting the flex of the ski. This makes steering lighter and quicker. Then on fast straights the rod and elastomer dampen out bumps and ruts in the slope and even swallow up negative swings. This keeps your steering firmer and more stable when skiing straight at high speeds.

Atomic's Story

We have a long and proud history of making the best race skis in the world. In the spirit of being the best we are aiming for more. And to do that, we have changed our focus - from the skis, to the skier. We have gone from being a ski equipment manufacturer to a skiing experience provider.


At the core of every ski are the materials – and particularly the different types of wood – that determine how it behaves. 

Ultra Power Woodcore
Made from strong beech and lightweight poplar – for supreme running stability and agility in our racing skis.
Power Woodcore
A combination of hard ash and light poplar that’s stable and sporty for our high performance skis.
Light Woodcore
Made from poplar – ideal for our powder, all-mountain and freeride touring skis that need to be strong but really light.
Ultra Light Woodcore
The poplar and caruba woodcore for skis that are all about low weight, like our touring skis.
Densolite Core
A foam core thats agile and dampens vibrations - for effortless skiing.


Around the main core are the materials that fine-tune the performance of a ski.

A titanium layer above and below the core creates supreme shock absorption, strong running stability and a high torsional flex.
One titanium layer under the core for great shock absorption and torsional flex.
A titanium insert runs the length of the ski on top of the core like a stabilizing backbone – really dynamic and stable for all-mountain skis.
A carbon layer above and below the core – for high strength at low weight in skis like the Ultimate.
In Vantage and Vantage X – a layer of super rigid, woven mesh that adds strength across the ski without adding weight.
A dynamic carbon insert for our lightweight backcountry skis: Backland FR and Backland.
Fiberglass layers that are great for torsional stiffness across the length and width of the ski. Lightweight and very dynamic.


Sidewalls affect how the ski dampens impacts and transmits power. We use four different types to suit different types of snow and skiing. 

Step down sidewall
The Step Down Sidewall features a symmetrical step on each end that’s stable, light and durable.
Extra full under the binding with flex grooves for awesome power transmission and edge grip on hard pack.
Full Sidewall
Runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering, ideal for high-performing race and piste skis.
Full Cap
A construction with no sidewall where the top sheet folds down over the edges, making it easy to handle.

Liner Technology

All our liners feature an Asymmetric Liner Construction (ASY) with an asymmetric tongue, toe box, collar shape and high-quality lining materials. It’s the most anatomical construction on the market, and the best for supporting your feet while skiing. The Hawx range (Hawx Ultra, Ultra XTD, Prime and Magna) features our special Memory Fit 3D liner. This includes pre-shaped heel and ankle areas for an even better first fit and no hotspots – even after a hard day on the mountain. 


Great gear gives you access to better skiing. Great gear makes you confident, 
brave and makes you look for more. It makes you look further. 
Our mission is to give you access to the best part of nature and 
to your best skiing experience. 

So, whatever your level is, welcome to the next.