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Snowboard Bindings

About Snowboard Bindings

When searching for a pair of snowboard bindings, there are a few things that you should consider before making a decision. First is the material that the bindings are made of, as this can affect the feel, weight and overall ride of your setup. You should also be aware that snowboard bindings differ in flexibility between models with some offering a softer feel and others being much stiffer. You will also want to make sure that your new snowboard bindings easily mount to your board - there are a few different ways in which this can be accomplished. Finally, you should consider your preference of binding entry styles and whether you're looking for a traditional two-strap entry or more of a speed-entry style, like a rear entry binding. With years of experience in the snow sports industry, Salomon snowboard bindings have become some of the best and most popular on the market. Check out Salomon Snowboarding for great selection in bindings for your snowboard.

Metal Bindings and Plastic Bindings

The main components of modern snowboard bindings tend to be heavy-duty plastic, lightweight metals and, in some cases, carbon fiber. Snowboard bindings typically combine two or all three of these materials with the goal of creating a lightweight, durable binding that offers the rider extreme comfort and control. Burton bindings are a great example of snowboard bindings made with durable plastics that withstand the test of time. Some manufacturers like Union Bindings have utilized carbon fiber to reduce the weight of their bindings even further, while maximizing the strength and responsiveness of the binding.

Snowboard Binding Flex

Depending on the style of riding you like to do, you might consider a stiff binding or a more flexible one. Stiffer bindings tend to offer more responsiveness and control while bombing down the mountain at top speed. A softer binding is generally more forgiving and playful if you like to jib in the park or are not riding aggressively. Union Force bindings are a great example of snowboard bindings engineered with the perfect balance of responsiveness and comfort through binding flex.

Rear Entry Bindings

The rear entry binding design was pioneered by Flow bindings and has been increasing in popularity ever since. These bindings utilize tension created through the high-back, which can be hooked and unhooked in an instant This allows riders to quickly slide their boots in and out and drastically reduces the amount of type spent strapping in after exiting a lift or towrope. Rear entry bindings are a worthy option if you're looking to get strapped in as quickly as possible and have consistent tension on every run. Burton Step On bindings further introduce convenience to entry and exit without compromising performance while riding.