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Men's Snowboards

About Men's Snowboards

What size is right for you?

Finding the right size men's snowboard is much more an art than a science. The same rider could use a variety of different size boards depending on skill, comfort and style. The general rule is the board should fall somewhere between the top of the shoulders and bottom of the chin when stood up next to its rider. Within this range, longer boards will offer more stability when traveling at high speeds on every terrain, whereas shorter boards will allow for greater maneuverability, and offer a more playful ride.

Men's Snowboard Camber, Rocker, and Hybrid Camber

Snowboards feature a variety of different shapes depending on the brand, model and the style of riding for which the board is intended. A cambered snowboard makes contact with the snow mainly beneath the bindings, while rising up slightly in the middle. This shape offers unparalleled stability, which is best utilized while attacking the mountain at high speeds and throwing grabs, flips and spins off of massive jumps.

A snowboard with a rocker (or reverse camber) is just the opposite shape of a board with camber. It instead features a U-shape, which contacts the ground in the middle of the stance, and rises at the nose and tail. Rocker boards are ideal for slashing powder turns and jibbing around in the park because they are incredibly playful and buttery.

Some boards, known as hybrids, feature a combination of both the aforementioned technologies. Hybrid boards are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. They look to combine the advantages of both a cambered board and a rocker board, but do not offer as prominent of benefits as picking one end of the spectrum or the other.

Should you buy an all mountain or freestyle snowboard?

All mountain boards are a viable option for riders that like to slash the entire mountain, depending on their mood and the latest conditions. If you find yourself riding the back bowls, lapping the park, and flying through the trees within a span of hours with little preference for one terrain over the others, then all mountain board is a safe bet. However, if more often than not, you find yourself jumping and jibbing your way through the park, then a freestyle board will more closely suit your riding style and preference.

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