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Coal Heritage

Coal Heritage

Coal set out in 2002 to redefine what a headwear brand could be. They blazed a trail and honed in on a need for better headwear at a time when hats were generally just an afterthought. Every Coal piece is designed with intention, incorporating the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. Coal strives to create beautifully functional products. They attribute their success to an unwavering attention to detail and commitment to quality. 
All these years later, Coal is still doing what they love, building the best headwear on the market.

Coal Headquarters

Offices of Coal

We’ve been firmly rooted in Seattle, Washington, for 15 years. Strategically partnered with Capita Snowboards and Union Bindings’ North American operations, our office space has always been a dynamic environment. 

Last fall we bid farewell to our waterfront home in Magnolia near the infamous Ballard Locks and moved across the canal to a building of our own. While the Teriyaki’s not as good, we love our neighbors and have half a dozen microbreweries to choose from for after work socializing.

Even more importantly, our new space alongside Capita, Union, and C3 Worldwide, provides us the room and flexibility to exert greater control over our logistics and even build out a retail space slated to be open this September.