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Columbia's Mission


This is the directive given by Columbia's very own tough mother, Chairman Gert Boyle. It’s the reason Columbia is constantly testing their products against every type of terrible, no good, day-ruining condition the skies of the mighty Pacific Northwest can dish out. Sure, it makes life hell for them, but it means great gear for you. So when she finally does use her famous stamp of approval, you know you’re duly equipped to stay outside long after the featherweights have retreated indoors.

Columbia Believes

Columbia Believes

Being an industry leader in outdoor apparel and products takes passion, and an understanding of people who love the outdoors as much as Columbia does. That’s why, from cutting edge technology, to their innovative heritage in Bugaboo, Columbia jackets, pants, fleece, boots, and shoes are all tested tough so you can enjoy the outdoors longer.

Tested Tough

Tested Tough

This is Columbia's guarantee that a product is Tested Tough against every type of terrible, no-good, day-ruining, pain-inducing, career ending condition the skies of the mighty Pacific NW will dish out. And if it's good enough for our neck of the woods, it's good enough for yours.