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Elan Past and Future

Elan Past and Future

For a true skiing enthusiast, seeing the halls of Elan’s factory is almost a religious experience. Walking through the hallways of the manufacturing halls you immediately feel a spirit of greatness infused in the structure itself. In a way, it is like a museum, but it is also a window into the future. Elan’s engineers always manage to stay a few years ahead of the times, so these halls are a continuing birthplace of the future of skiing. It must be a special feeling, to be able to look back from the future to the present and smile roguishly. Well, that is exactly how Begunje’s engineers have always operated.

To just think of how many pairs of skis have passed through the machines and been caressed by the hands of the workers through the years ... All these skis laid end to end would circle the equator several times over. But Elan skis did not circle the globe only metaphorically; they have done it for real. They achieved global fame and took the name of Slovenia to all the continents of the globe.

Elan Innovation


Decades of revolutions and dedicated R&D work culminates in 2012 when Elan is named the most innovative sports brand by Plus X Award, and again in 2015. This was an important accolade and a serious commitment for the following decades that today culminates in innovations like Waveflex, Lightskiing and teh productions of the lightest women's ski in the world, the revolutionary Amphibio 4D technology and our latest freeride and backcountry weapon - the Ripstick.
Influenced by the zeal of local people, inspired by the passion of its customers and empowered by the ingenuity of its employees and ambassadors Elan will continue to shape the future of skiing and sports in general with its dedication and love of the sport.
"Ski ya later!"
(Glen Plake)