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Kush Control Technology

Kush Control Technology
The ALL NEW Flow KUSH-CONTROL TECHNOLOGY consists of 3 unique urethane features strategically placed in the base, sidewall and topsheet to create the smoothest and strongest snowboards available on the hill. Urethane is flexible and highly resistant to impacts in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane is also utilized due to its superior bonding properties and can withstand the abuse that a snowboard endures. The dampening properties of urethane act like skateboard wheels and provide you the smoothest ride possible. 

Boot Technology

A snowboard boot is the one piece of your equipment that is closest to your body, and a crucial element in your overall snowboarding experience. With boots being such a personal item, we take a personal interest and incredible pride in making the best fitting boots that support your snowboard adventures. Building mens and womens snowboard boots is an art form; our boots are handcrafted and molded around a lasting shape, and we engineer the outsoles and closure systems to fit perfectly with the anatomy of the human foot. Take a look at all the thought and details that go into a Flow boot, or better yet, try one on and feel for yourself.

Lasting Fit
The lasts are anatomically shaped molds to mimic the human foot, the lasts are what give our outer boots and inner liners its superior fit characteristics. Flow boots are made to fit better so you can ride more comfortably, longer.


Boot Construction

Boot Construction
Snowboard boots are not your average shoes. Boots get exposed to the extreme elements of nature and should keep your feet comfortable and protected during icy cold days, riding slushy wet snow or long hikes to find bottomless powder.

Silvadur™ is an antimicrobial material that regulates temperature and avoids funky smelling snowboard boots.
Space Blanket
SpaceBlanket is a thermal insulating barrier between the outsole and the liner, which keeps the heat inside and the cold outside.
3D Molded Toe-box
Eliminates extra layers and seams around the tip of the boot and creates a durable streamlined design with less bulk and better fit.
3D Molded Tongue
Our 3-D molded and lasted tongues are anatomically correct to provide less bulk and true natural flex and support without boot distortion.

Barefoot Technology
BareFoot Technology is a combination of our Vibram® outsole and our OC-Kush dampening system. B.F.T. is put in place to ensure that your feet will be happy and comfortable all day, everyday. BareFoot Technology supports, dampens and conforms without getting in the way of your foot’s natural movement. It harnesses the force of your momentum and seamlessly transfers power to your board. B.F.T. is an extension of your own leg.

Gram for gram, the Boa® lace is stronger than tank armor. The Boa® Closure System provides quick and easy custom comfort with a smooth, even closure and no pressure points. Boa® components are guaranteed for life!
Boa® HEEL-LOCK Focus
All-new unique hybrid featuring a Boa® Coiler over the tongue and a Boa® side-reel for external focused closure on your ankle area. Simply locking your heel down means more control with less effort. Featured on our Hylite model.

A unique hybrid featuring a Boa® Coiler over the tongue and a simple one-handed QuickFit pull-locking system for your ankle area. Keeping yoru heel locked down means quicker power transfer from boot to board. Offered in our NEW Mens Tracer and our Womens Lunar boots.

Internal Closure Systems

Internal Closure Systems
With our closure systems we focus on ease of use, comfort and getting your foot closer to the boot by removing bulk and material. Whether you prefer one of the Boa® configurations that we offer, our Hybrid HeelLock or Lace, our boots will meet your needs.

Binding Technology

Flow bindings are designed unlike any other binding. We wanted our bindings to be the most comfortable, performance driven, but easy to use bindings on the hill. Because we believe snowboarding should be fun, we don’t like sitting down in the snow, and we expect more from a binding than just holding the boot down on the board. The result is a binding which is engineered to give you a better day on the hill simply by being the most comfortable binding, giving you more power and control over your snowboard so that making turns and doing tricks is easier than ever. On top of it all, our bindings are super easy to use. This is the essence of every Flow binding.