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Brand Story


Flylow got its start when co-founders Greg Steen and Dan Abrams, both Colorado natives and friends since college, couldn’t find a pair of ski pants that could hold up to the kind of skiing they were doing. They were exploring the backcountry, tackling big-mountain terrain, and spending long days in variable weather. The gear they were using was either mountaineering apparel, which was built for light and fast travel but often didn’t fit right and lacked style, or resort-oriented ski apparel, which looked good but couldn’t handle the rigors of demanding terrain or the temperature control you needed when climbing and skiing peaks.

eVent Waterproofing

Flylow is introducing eVent’s NEW DVexpedition fabric to Flylow’s Z-Line for Fall 2017. The new fabric boasts waterproofness, air permeable breathability and durability to keep you dry and comfortable in the most
demanding conditions. eVent fabrics use patented Direct Venting™ technology to simply let the sweat out™. Basically this is what you expect from new technology right? To be better in all ways than the competition.
Waterproofness ratings as high as the best fabrics with 100% more breathability makes this fabric the ultimate all around Flylow Z-Line fabric.

How It Works

eVent Waterproof Technology - How It Works

“Flylow takes performance seriously,” said Chad Kelly, Director of Sales and Product Line for eVent fabrics. “By adopting eVent DVexpedition into next winter’s line up, they’ve chosen to ensure that the most dedicated skiers will be comfortable in any and all conditions. Ultimately, DVexpedition offers fully waterproof protection and best-in-class breathability achieved only through an air permeable membrane system. This combination, along with durable construction, guarantees a weatherproof solution that devoted skiers demand.”