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Giro Brand Story

It’s always been more than just a helmet thing, or a simple bike or snow thing. It’s about the ride. Specifically, your ride. Giro exists to enhance your connection to the ride, and the feelings it brings to life. The sense of freedom and adventure. The desire to win. The joy of living well. From that first day 30 years ago when Jim Gentes opened our doors to the world, we’ve been on a mission to make sure that riding is the best part of a great life. Along the way we’ve learned a great deal, created some notable products, endured some mistakes, pushed ourselves and our competitors to go further, and made friends across continents and generations.
Riding gave us all of this. And led us to you.

Snapshot Lens Interchange System

Giro's new SNAPSHOT
Lens Interchange System utilizes self-locating rare earth magnets and a secure locking mechanism for fast, on-the-fly (or on the chairlift) virtually effortless lens interchange. Upon contact with the frame, the lens simply snaps into place and then locks down securely. When the clouds roll in simply depress the shutter button, release the lens and insert the lens of your choice.

Seamless Compatibility

Seamless Compatibility 
For optimal performance of both helmets and goggles Giro products are designed to work together as a single integrated unit. Ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggles offers exceptional fit and dependable, worry-free function.

Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-Fog Coating 
Every Giro goggle lens features our anti-fog coating to keep your vision and riding experience on point.

VIVID Lens Technology

VIVID Lens Technology 
VIVID™ was developed by Giro in partnership with Zeiss Optics, the global authority in quality optics. This patented lens technology is based on decades of studying the visual experience on snow. Conventional goggles and sunglasses are designed to eliminate blue light. The long held belief was that blue light = bad light. But here’s the thing: snow isn’t white… as the  most reflective surface on Earth, snow is actually blue.  Research proves that seeing this blue light is fundamental in processing terrain on snow. VIVID Lens  Technology effectively manipulates blue light by letting in contrast enhancing blue light, while blocking harmful UV light. VIVID essentially filters out the haze and harmful UV lights which frees your eyes to spot your line and focus on enjoying your experience. 

MIPS : Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System MIPS is a step forward in helmet design. There are three main components to a MIPS-equipped helmet: the interior foam liner, the Low Friction Liner and an elastomeric attachment system between them. In an angled impact, the elastomeric attachment system stretches to allow the foam liner to rotate independently around your head. The goal of this technology is to further reduce rotational forces.

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle Closure

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle Closure 
The pinch-free, one-handed Fidlock Magnectic Snap helmet buckle combines the advantages of two fastening concepts in a completely new way. Strong magnets make it easy to open and close while a secure snap functionality ensures a continuously high locking force.