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Gnu Snowboards

GNU Snowboards

Testing Grounds
Zero Hazardous Waste

GNU brand over view parts 1 and 2

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

At Mervin Mfg. they can take an idea, turn out a prototype and test it all in one day. And they do. Their mountains, surf and skate terrain in their amazing front and back yards are directly reflected in the industry changing technologies they helped shape.

Zero Hazardous Waste

ZERO Hazardous Waste

If there is any one thing that we do that separates us from every other board factory in the world, it's the fact that we don't leave any hazardous waste behind in our manufacturing. Our proprietary printing process gives our artist's imaginings full realization with tip to tail vivid colors and detail. Yet it creates ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE in the process, no one else can say that

About GNU Snowboards

Hand built in the U.S.A. since 1977. When GNU started, the very act of snowboarding was considered freakish. Weird open minded experimentation has always been job one for them. Mysterious materials, bizarre geometries, contours and board shapes, far out art and colors, odd terrain and freakish riders have allowed GNU to create fantastic progressive snowboards taking snowboarding to wild and magical places. The wonders of science are our playground: impossibly light and strong metals that burn, polymers that travel through space, trees that grow to 20 feet in one year or cover hundreds of acres as a single organism. Gnu snowboards and bindings are just like they've always been, only newer and way cooler! GNU's Magne-Traction technology, 'Steak Knife Technology', adds control, reduces fatigue and makes snowboarding easier and more fun in any terrain especially hardpack and ice. The boards also offer the original revolutionary all terrain rocker/camber combination, Banana Technology. The boards are built with your body's natural asymmetry, so they are also built asymmetrical with the Pickle Technology. This is built upon the thought that your turn mechanics between toe and heelside are completely different from the angle of attack to how pressure you can put on each edge.

GNU Snowboard Bindings

GNU Snowboard bindings - lightweight, performance and strength in an incredibly fast binding system. Makes entry and exit incredibly fast and easy with one hand! No fumbling with ratchet buckles and ladders. Auto Open Lever opens strap automatically when highback is lowered. Close easily with one click. Easy in Easy Out! GNU products get built in collaboration with shredders like Forest Bailey, Danny Kass, Jamie Anderson, Kaitlyn Farrington, Blake Paul, Temple Cummins and Danyale Patterson.

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