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Kastle Skis

We believe that in order to create the highest quality products, we must exceed the expectations of the most demanding users. Nowhere are the demands and stresses on ski performance greater than in professional ski racing. Our development group includes an impressive roster of professional ski racers, engineers and designers with long resumes in the ski industry. All our skis are built to world cup standards. Fundamentally, our product development philosophy is simple. We ask the question: What can we add to improve ski performance and what can we take away?” We strip away the gimmicks and gizmos that plague many skis and focus on functional technology? The result: advanced and elegant ski designs that deliver uncompromising performance.

Kastle Skis Collective Story
About Kastle Why Kastle?

About Kastle

About Kastle

In 1924, Anton Kästle built his first pair of skis in his wainwright workshop in Hohenems, Austria, thus beginning a unique legacy. Over the next decades, Toni Sailer, the Epple sisters, Perimin Zurbriggen, Tom Stiansen and countless other skiing legends would represent Kästle, in total winning 132 Olympic and World Cup medals and creating a worldwide following along the way. In 1998, Kästle disappeared from the market, abruptly and surprisingly.
In 2007, Kästle returned to the international ski community thanks to an investment group with Rudolf Knünz, once again creating skis that would set the benchmarks for the whole industry: bringing construction technologies from racing and applying them to all-mountain skis, in addition to the development of the revolutionary Hollowtech.
Kästle has always set an impressive standard for industry leaders, and continues to do so, year after year. In 2015, however, Kästle returned to its roots in Hohenems,
Austria. History, made in Austria.

Why Kastle?

Why Kastle

Kästle is the first choice for passionate skiers. Our skis combine decades of experience with proven technologies that enable our customers to challenge and exceed their limits.

For each individual Kästle product we define the needs of our customers in advance. We measure our performance by how we meet these needs.

We never sacrifice our high-quality requirements in favor of profit, and work according to the premise “form follows function”. This philosophy determines the entire technical development and design process.

In our company, 90 years of experience in the ski industry meets the future — and our products are the result of this, made in Austria.


For our customers, skiing is a part of life: they ride with pure passion, love the feeling of freedom, surround themselves with people that share this excitement and expect a product with the highest performance.

We have been fulfilling this need for more than 90 years with functional, design-worthy and long-lasting skis, made in Austria – and the confidence that you always make the right choice with a Kästle Ski.