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Ride Insano Snowboard Boots - Men's - 2018/19

Ride Insano Snowboard Boots - Men's - 2018/19

Ride Insano Snowboard Boots - Men's - 2018/19

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Ride Insano Snowboard Boots - Men's

This year the Insano walks right into the house of high-end, responsive boots and, to show them who’s boss, dips his BOAs® in their soup. Bloop! BLOOP! Water, fire, air, and dirt. F**king BOAs®. How they work? Pure science and engineering. Although we can all agree that we don’t want to talk to no scientists because they lyin’ and get us pissed, we should agree that they come up with some great boot closure systems. On the Insano specifically, we use a BOA® Focus System with The Closer™ lace guide, which is designed to give you a precise fit in the upper and lower zone of the boot while The Closer™ lace guide disperses lace tension across the entire boot to give you a comfortable fit, free from pressure points. Hot lava, snow, rain and fog, long neck giraffes and pet cats and dogs are all things that the Insano could, though probably should not, walk over thanks to the traction provided by the lug pattern on our Michelin® Peak Sole. The Insano is the stiffest boot in our line and is built for those ride-or-die ninjas looking for unmatched response. Whoop Whoop!


  • Fit: 1:1 Lasting, Silver Last, IN2GRATED™, Articulated Cuff, 3D Formed Tongue - Performance designed men's specific fit,  In2grated™ Construction creates the lightest weight, shortest length performance boots on the market, hands down. The liner is factory molded inside the shell to create the most efficient “net fit,” leading to less pack out for better overall comfort.
  • Comfort: Heat Reflective Foil, NEW! Black Gold™ Liner Mesh - Redirects heat underneath the foot and in the toe to help keep in the toasty warmth while charging up last chair, This bamboo charcoal infused material naturally mitigates odors and moisture. Other benefits include improved temperature regulation and circulatory function.
  • Construction: BOA® Slime Tongue™, HDR Premium Synthetics - Combining the tightening of the BOA® Closure System with the durability and rebound of Slime Tongue™ takes these RIDE boots to the next level, RIDE’s Premium PU material utilizes a proprietary resin that substantially improves durability and wear resistance. Used in high abrasion zones where bindings and board edges create focused wear, RIDE’s Premium PU has unmatched performance.
  • Outsole: Michelin® Peak - This sole is a durable blend of Michelin® Premium WIC and OC rubber compounds and a phylon midsole that makes for performance sole with game changing winter traction,
  • Lacing: H3 BOA® Focus, The Closer™ - Reel activated speed lace system that allows for a two-zone closure system for precise fit, Offers two times the power to close your boot securely. The Closer™ Lace Guide is centered over the forefoot to drive lace power down low to even the lace tension throughout the entire boot. Accompanied by BOA® Closure System, the even-tightening of The Closer™ Lace Guide takes speed lacing to the next level and provides an incredibly comfortable fit.


  • Fit: Center Tongue, Internal/External J Bars w/Cored Pockets - Superior ankle and heel hold with added support, Cored Porkctes provide anatomically correct fit for ultimate heel hold.
  • IntuitionConstruction: Dream Liner - Multi-density foam surrounded in a supportive skeletal structure for maximum rebound and dreamy performance.
  • Lacing: Lock Down™ Turbo, Tallboy™ Harness - A secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place, TallBoy Harness is Ideal for all around performance, the Tallboy extends higher above the ankle with a fourth lace loop for a supportive flex and responsive fit.
  • Insole: Impacto™ - Multi-density insole with an added support structure and impact element in the heel for cush landings and all day comfort.
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