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The RIDE Mission

Created for real snowboarders, by real snowboarders. With deep roots, neverending passion and modern style, RIDE is more than just a company; we live and breathe snowboard culture with goals of spreading the hype and encouraging all passionate individuals to join in.

RIDE did it before and RIDE will do it again—

Since ‘92, we ARE snowboarding.




RIDE’s exclusive Slimewalls® are designed to reduce chatter by utilizing the dampening properties of urethane, just like skate wheels.

Carbon Slimewalls

By combining layers of Slimewall® material with carbon fibers, it reduces chatter and increases snap and response.


Sometimes shapes are like beer goggles. They make things look good from a far, but are truly far from good. With the ability to manufacture and test prototypes right in our backyard, RIDE creates cool shapes that perform as well as they look.

Carbon Array

Carbon stringers are strategically placed into the binding zone to distribute power for maximum edge-to-edge response

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