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Salomon Snowboard

ShawdowFit Technology

Salomon Sideways Science
ShawdowFit Technology |Snowboard Bindings

Shadowfit Technology is the most natural way to connect to  your  snowboard. Support  where you need it, flexibility where you  want  it, and comfort all around so you can forget your bindings  and  do whatever you want to do with your riding.

The Salomon Assassin


Salomon Assassin

Our most versatile powder and freestyle board constructions combined. The versatile freestyle Assassin has a directional twin shape and is built with a long list of technologies, making it a ride-anything solution. The Assassin is designed for float in pow, stability on high-speed groomers, and premium park performance.

Snowboard Profiles

Backseat camber
Camber under the back foot for explosive turning capabilities, and flat segments under the front foot for freedom of fun pow days.
The best of both world, without any unwanted vibration.
Flat Out Camber
Flat profile loaded with camber under the feet for maximum stability and response when you need it.
Super Flat
Flat profile for catch free spins, honest presses and stability
Cross Profile
Camber between the feet for better control, pop and landing stability. Rocker on tip & tail for effortless floatation forward and switch.
Rock Out Camber
Flat between your bindings for stability, Camber near the feet for response and a rocker on the tip/tail for pressability.
Quad Camber
The aggressive characteristics of camber blended with rocker on the tip and tail to make the board unsinkable in pow with untouchable speed. Quad Camber built with a blend of different radiuses and is more forgiving than a regular camber but maintains the reactivity and pop.

Precision Sidecuts

A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge to edge transitions.
Created from a perfect circle, Radial is the classic sidecut for consistent response forward and switch.
New and explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic allows high speed carving as well as superior edge control in tight spots.
Equalizer Rad
Equalizer and Radial lines blended together for the perfect balance of agility and fun.
Equalizer 1
Straight line between the inserts allows dialed speed control on approach to rails and jumps. The radial sidecut outside the inserts accommodates both creative and novice turning.

Base Material | Core Type | Fiber | Suspension

Base Material | Core Type | Fiber | Suspension

Built to go faster and fly higher - The Area51 base is a highdensity sintered based laced with a super secret-wax formula, and a specially engineered factory finish designed for air time and durability.
Double extruded, backed up by all the durability and cost effective benefits of extruded base, with all performance benefits of a sintered base.
Sintered EG
Engineered for a super fast glide in everything from fresh pow to sticky spring snow. Sintered material provides superior wax retention, Gallium strengthens impact resistance and the Electra
finish gives a turbocharged glide.
Extruded EG
A harder compound than EXT, Salomon EXT EG takes the easy maintenance of a non-sintered base and adds Electra for increased gliding characteristics.
An industry standard for quality sintered base materials. Provides a moderate balance between the speed created by a hard surface and good wax retention.
Offers long lasting glide with low-maintenance characteristics


Ghost Green Core
Ghost Green Core components have been selected and designed to optimize pop and reduce weight
while utilizing sustainable attributes of a super light polawania wood.
Aspen SLCT
Every single FSC certified wood strip is hand selected to ensure unparalleled core quality and lightness.
Aspen Strong
CNC-selected high-density FSC certified wood strips for the inserts and rail zones results in improved impact resistance and a predictable flex from opening day to spring slush.
Full length, FSC certified Aspen wood with high-density birch stripes for improved insert retention.



Fiber tech core that increases board life and durability for all riders.
Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.
The use of Low-density fibers allows us to produce lighter boards that keep their playful forgiving flex forever.


The pinnacle of Slingshot technology, implementing carbon inlays that run the full length of the board to meet reaction and shock absorption needs of Bode Merrill.
Carbon inlays that help load and release energy. It provides reactivity under the feet.
ABS + Bamboo
By adding Bamboo, the sustainability of our boards compared to classic ABS have been improved. This upgrade also benefits direct power transmission, board response and liveliness. 
Bamboo + ABS
Layer offers a high level of durability.
Royal Cork Rails
Protect the planet and your edges with this eco version of Royal Rubber Rails. All the impact and chatter absorption you need while standing up for Mother Nature.
Royal Rubber Pads
A soft Royal Rubber block inserted into the high-pressure zones of our ABS Sidewalls dampens vibration and mellows the big impacts.
Rubber Pads
2mm Rubber blocks inserted into the high-pressure zones of our ABS Sidewalls dampen vibrations and reduce fatigue in all snow conditions.

Lacing Systems

Lacing Systems
Liner Lace Locker
With just one pull and a flick of the switch, you are surely locked in for a comfy and secure ride. Once you’re in, further micro-adjusting is a snap. Simply pull the inner lace to open the lock, get it tight and lock it up.
Our simple and effective quick lace option for stress free support. A single locker on the tongue and an evenly distributed lace path ensures a full wrapping and supportive feel from the first chair all the way to après-shred, all with one easy pull.
The dual zone brother to our QuickLock lacing. This system offers a lower zone locker on the side of your boot in addition to our locker on the tongue. Customize your fit one zone at a time with optimal wrapping support and outstanding heel hold.
BOA Coiler
Easy and quick - tightens with the flick of your wrist.
Focus Boa
When the best lacing systems meet to offer precise, quick and easy tightening. You can now adjust your foot hold, both on lower and upper zone. The Boa Closure System optimizes your gear’s functionality and fit.
BOA® provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.
The BOA® Closure System can be adjusted quickly and precisely with one hand.
With the BOA® Closure System, your gear is quick & easy to put on and take off.
Once adjusted, your fit stays the same and nothing stands in your way
BOA® laces can handle even the highest tension.
Lock your feet down with supreme comfort. STR8JKT models feature an additional heel harness for a no
heel-lift ride and optimal comfort. The ergonomical strap is easy to untighten and comfortable to use. STR8JKT is featured on BOA and traditional lace models.
A Salomon standard and a pioneer in lacing systems. The soul of our well known lacing system has a bombproof criss cross locker on the tongue and anti-catch hooks on the upper. A truly powerful and easy system that can handle anything.

Binding Flex

Binding Flex
Soft Flex
Softer flex is more maneuverable at slow speeds and more forgiving in general. This type of flex offers increased comfort and is great for beginner/intermediate riders and for the advanced rider who prefers a looser more skate like feel, for a freestyle practice.
Medium Flex
Medium flex is adapted to riders that need reliable hold and support for varied terrain, for each type of practice.
Responsive Flex
Stiffer flexing boots are geared more towards advanced riders looking for more precision control at high speeds; whether it be in the park, pipe, or anywhere on the mountain.