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Ski Boots

Ski Boots

Tips for Choosing Ski Boots

Finding the right ski boots can mean the difference between a productive, fun day of runs and a day of discomfort and potential injury. Your boots are the critical link between your foot and skis, making fit and performance paramount considerations when shopping for ski boots.

To make wise equipment purchases, make sure you understand the different factors that influence the comfort and control you have on the slopes. Honestly evaluating your skill level and knowing the type of skiing you'll be doing--whether Nordic, freestyle, Alpine or something else entirely-- will have an impact on your equipment choices.

At Christy Sports, we offer men’s and women’s classic and skate Nordic ski boots. We also have a large selection of performance, high performance and racing Alpine ski boots. Our wide selection of junior boots lets your kids get an early start developing their skiing skills. The selection Christy Sports has to offer will satisfy your equipment needs whether you’re a beginner, pro or somewhere in-between.

Brands We Carry

Nordica - Based in Treviso, Italy, Nordica is a snow sports manufacturing company dedicated to providing gear for all situations, including all-mountain, race, freeride and high-performance skiing. Attractive, durable and made for performance and fit, Nordica boots will provide you with the comfort you want and the control you need.

Rossignol - The French alpine, snowboard and Nordic equipment manufacturer Rossignol was one of the first companies to manufacture plastic skis, and was the first company to release fiberglass skis. The company has a history of producing Olympic medal-winning equipment, dating back to the 1960 Winter Olympics when Jean Vuarnet won gold in the downhill on Allais 60s.

Salomon - Salmon is a sports equipment company, headquartered in Annecy, France, that produces Alpine and Nordic ski equipment for serious skiers. It has a long history with freestyle skiing, including being the first manufacturer of twin tipped skis.

Dalbello - Characterized by their customized fit and smooth forward flex, Dalbello's boots provide optimal comfort and control for all skill levels. Dalbello offers stylish boots for all ski types, including racing, big mountain, performance, freestyle, Alpine touring and sport.

Lange - In 1963, Bob Lange created the first fiberglass boot with a lace closure, starting the business that would become Lange Ski Boots. The company has since developed a history of innovation and Olympic excellence, supplying equipment for several winning Olympic athletes. Lange is dedicated to producing groundbreaking products for skiers of all levels and styles.

Tecnica - Starting out in Montebelluna, Italy, in 1960, Tecnica has earned a reputation for high quality, top-performing footwear, particularly in its lines of ski boots. Its dedication to creating boots with the best fit possible, coupled with precise control, makes its products popular with skiers ranging from entry-level to pro.

Ski Boot Fit: What you need to know

Choose a DFP Ski Boot Insole now and let Christy Sports fit your boots for you.

Foot shape - All our brands offer different models designed to fit different foot widths, also known as lasts. A narrow last is 97mm-99mm, a medium last is 99mm-102mm and a wide last is 102mm-104mm. The overlap is due to variation between brands. Also keep in mind that different brands will fit somewhat differently.

Skill Level - In order to determine the correct fit, you should consider several key factors. These include the shape of your foot, skiing skill level and the type of terrain you enjoy skiing.

You can determine your skill level by the terrain you ski, as well as the difficulty of runs you enjoy. Difficulty levels normally translate as green (marked) runs for beginners, blue runs for intermediate and black for advanced. Expert skiers looking for extra difficulty might seek out double black runs as well as backcountry areas. When determining your skill level, remember beginners prefer slower speeds on smooth slopes with a gentle to moderate pitch. Intermediate skiers prefer a variety of speeds on variable terrain. Advanced skiers prefer faster, more aggressive skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch.

Flex - Flex is another important aspect of choosing a ski boot. Your skill level, height and weight, and terrain of choice determine the right amount of flex. Beginning skiers should consider wearing a softer ski boot. Softer boots typically allow novice skiers to gain skill more quickly. As a skier becomes more advanced he or she will benefit from a boot that is stiffer in order to handle faster speeds and increased slope pitch.

A skier's height and weight effect the necessary ski boot flex in predictable ways. A heavier person should consider a boot with a stiffer flex than a lighter person. Along the same lines, a tall skier has more natural leverage to flex a boot and should start with a stiffer boot than a shorter skier.

When assessing boot flex, considering terrain is also a good idea. A skier who likes to ski hard snow may want a stiffer ski boot, while a skier who prefers powder may prefer a softer boot.

Trying on your boots - Fit is one of the most important aspects of choosing boots for skiing. If your boots are too tight they can restrict circulation and potentially harm your feet. Boots that are too loose won't provide proper control, and incorrect alignment can harm your feet.

A good fit requires the boot to fit snugly on all areas of your foot and leg, with no painful pressure when flexing. When you try on boots, wear thin synthetic socks or a thin wool performance sock of the same style you'll be wearing on the slopes. Wear them for at least 20 minutes, walking around and standing to allow your feet and the boots time to adjust.

When standing up, your toes should just touch the end of the boots without being pressed into them. When you flex the boot forward your toes should slightly pull away from the end. A proper fit is essential to ensuring performance and enjoyment on the slopes regardless of skill level.

Christy Sports has the knowledge and the talent to help you find the right ski boot. Consulting a Christy Sports specially-trained bootfitter at any of our locations is a great way to get expert advice on this important process.

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