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Kids, Junior, & Toddler Skis

Why "Kids' Skis"

Ski manufactures across the board have recognized the importance of growing the sport through our kids. For parents the most important goal for our kids is keeping them safe and happy. Kids' skis are designed to be a perfect fit for kids as they learn and grow with skiing. This makes their experience safer and more fun because kids' skis are designed to be easier for children to control. Softer flex, lighter weight, forgiving sidecut are just a few of the design standards that ski manufacturers engineer into their junior ski lines to facilitate these goals.

All About Shopping for Kids' Skis

Junior skis are available in a wide variety of styles, from kids' skis for park skiing to kids' skis for all-mountain and powder skiing. To get your little ripper turning up the mountain like an expert, he or she will need the right gear underfoot. There are junior skis available in different levels of stiffness, softer kids' skis for those new to the sport, and stiffer skis for kids who push the limits. Many kids' skis are refined versions of adult models with the same features such as rocker profiles - Volkl skis design extremely comparable junior skis to their adult versions.

Choosing the Best Skis for Your Kids

While Junior Skis are more and more suited to convenience and safety with each new generation, it is still important to choose skis that are the appropriate size for your child's size and ability. There are several choices of size and ski style within our core ski brands to find the best option for your kids.

Recommended Junior Skis

Christy Sports always has a great selection of junior sized skis from our most popular brands. Occasionally, you will see a junior version of your favorite ski from your favorite brand. If you have a passion for a ski brand, why not let your kids rock the same skis as you do in tyke version. Shop our junior ski collection from brands; Volkl skis, k2 skis, blizzard skis, and more.