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During the march dumps of '91'

During the march dumps of '91'
Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, set off on a snowboard trip that would forever change their lives. Tucker had just been laid off from work but that wouldn’t stop him from attending his routine Tahoe trip to visit Nathan Fletcher and Mark Gabriel. After riding four days of fresh powder, Richard called work with the excuse that they were snowed in and extended his stay. For more than a week, they awoke every morning with two new feet of snow. It was their first real experience riding powder and the new obsession wouldn't stop there. 

Two weeks later Richard quit his job to take some time off and snowboard. He and Tucker had also talked of starting a clothing company during the Tahoe trip but nothing was really finalized. Later that spring, the two came up with the idea of starting a riding company based around the three sports they enjoyed (snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing). With an initial $5,000 from Richard's dad, they started the process. First came the name, then came the stone and Volcom was born. 

Volcom was a family of people not willing to accept the suppression of the established ways. This was a time when snowboarding and skateboarding was looked down upon and the U.S. was in a recession with riots in LA and the Gulf War breaking out. Change was in the air. 

Richard and Tucker traveled around the world on wild journeys with friends riding whatever they could. business side of things was minimal. The headquarters were set up in Newport Beach in Richard's bedroom and all sales were run out of tucker's bedroom in Huntington Beach. The two knew nothing about how to make clothes but that didn't matter. It was all about spirit and creativity. Clothing sales for the first year were $2,600. 

Since those wild beginnings, the Volcom Stone has spread slowly across the world. The company has matured internally but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. The Volcom thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing.

True to this

Inspired by creative spirit, Volcom was founded in 1991 and creates products for the persistent who are true to their passions. 

We were born to chase what we are true to. It’s not that we want to... WE HAVE TO. We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity, a creative courage to tempt the impossible... And embrace the strange.

Telling us to push further…To try again. Endlessly seeking elevation, we are all connected by this same internal force. Forever we chase that intoxicating moment when our vision is realized... The world around us goes quiet... And for brief moments, we are more than alive. 

Volcom, True To This.

The Irrational Pursuit | Volcom - True To This

Stone Made Product


Written by Volcom Posted in Product Information

As part of the Volcom Stone Made line, specific Volcom Brand Jeans feature S GENE® by Cone Denim® the patented technology that delivers breakthrough stretch performance and unsurpassed recovery. The secret to Cone’s S GENE® technology is their patented proprietary multiple core yarns that double the performance of the denim. With twice the power of normal stretch denim fabric, Cone’s S GENE® recovery is superior in its ability to retain its original shape, virtually eliminating “bagging knee” syndrome.

Almost all of Volcom jeans feature some amount of stretch that allows for complete mobility and pure comfort, a core tenant of the “Designed for Skateboarding, Recommended for Life” philosophy of Volcom Brand Jeans. So whether you are looking for a pair of jeans with the performance stretch that will meet the needs of your active lifestyle (offered in our Volcom Stone Made jeans line) or are just looking for better fitting more comfortable jeans, there is pair of Volcom jeans just right for you.


Currently exclusive to Volcom in stretch denim; the modern-fit Solver in the denim wash, regular-fit Kinkade in the Blue Drift wash and the Vorta Form jeans, feature sustainable anti-microbial finishes that allow for these jeans to be worn longer and harder between washes with less odor. With constant life on the road and the everyday abuses the Volcom Skate Team puts their jeans through, the designers at Volcom took it upon themselves to help stop the stench. Now life in the van is a whole lot less smelly.

Developed by Cone Denim®, who have been producing denim for 125 years, they used their expertise and experience to create a stretch denim with an anti-microbial finish using positive ions applied to fabric that effectively reduces odor caused by bacteria. This process, a first for Cone, creates a longer lasting bond between the positive ions and the denim fabric. Current tests have shown very little to no loss of the anti-microbial finish after 20 laundry washes.

In a similar process, but using silver ions, Volcom Stone Made chinos in the Stranger modern and slim tapered fit and the Gritter modern tapered, regular and slim fit also offer anti-microbial protection against odor.


While we pride ourselves on the durability of all our jeans and chinos, we’ve taken durability to the next level in the Volcom Stone Made jeans and chinos lines. The elevated durability found in specific washes of Volcom Stone Made jeans is the result of new innovations for denim fabrics that either feature yarns spun with LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology that combines stretch for freedom of movement with enhanced durability and resistance to tears and abrasions or CONESTRONG™ by Cone Denim® that utilizes a variety of yarn technologies to create high-performance denim fabrics with superior strength.

Volcom Stone Made chinos in the Gritter modern tapered fit are our most durable pair of chinos. Constructed from a more tightly woven canvas featuring 20% nylon 66, the Gritter in the modern tapered fit offers outstanding abrasion resistance.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for durability, all the Volcom Stone Made jeans that feature enhanced durability, whether provided by LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology or CONESTRONG™ by Cone Denim®, still have 1% to 2% elastane stretch, perfect for skateboarding or at work on the job.


Whether battling the elements or just daily mishaps of a liquid kind, the water and stain repellent Vorta Form jeans in the Rinse wash and modern tapered Stranger chinos in the Volcom Stone Made line will keep you dry without sacrificing any comfort or breathability. Born from Volcom designers’ time on the road with the Volcom Skate Team, there was no end to varying types of weather encountered or spills produced while living life on the go. 

Developed by Cone Denim®, CONEguard™ is a groundbreaking Durable Water-Repellant eco-friendly PFC-free finish applied to the fabric of the Volcom Stone Made Vorta Form jean in the Rinse wash that increases the water and stain repellency of the denim. Combined with its Form fit design, durability, and anti-microbial finish by Cone Denim®, the Vorta Form jean in the Rinse wash is a highly tuned piece of performance apparel.

Lab tested, the Volcom Stone Made chinos in the Stranger slim and modern tapered fits utilize 3XDRY® technologies that stimulate a cooling effect through the absorption of perspiration on the inside of the treated pant while improving dirt and water repellency on the outside. There’s a reason we call these “Journey Mode” chinos; they are ready to take on whatever trek you set out to embark on.